Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ)

The Online Course Questionnaire (OCQ) is used to improve teaching, the student experience and help students make informed decisions about courses.

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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

NSSE evaluates students' engagement with faculty, participation in extra-curricular activities, their school and work practices, and other experiences they have while at IU Bloomington.

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IUB Community Sexual Assault Climate Survey

The purpose of this survey is to understand the social and cultural climate at IUB surrounding sexual assault.

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Annual UITS User Satisfaction Survey

The annual UITS user survey informs decisions to expand existing services, supports plans to implement new services, and aids in anticipating trends and needs on the horizon.

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Current Surveys


Luddy SICE Market Research Survey Summer 2020 performed by RNL (Jun 15 - Aug 31)

The survey's main aim is to improve graduate programs and offerings in the Luddy School. It will be used to gather data to understand the attitudes, preferences, and decision-making patterns of our prospective, current, and graduated student constituencies. The survey will help Luddy assess market demand for its programs to ensure that they are positioned effectively in the current higher education market. The survey will be performed by RNL, a consulting firm being hired by Luddy to do market research for our graduate programs.

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